Vegan Butter Tofu

Butter Tofu, inspired by the rich and aromatic Indian Butter Chicken, brings the same creamy, buttery flavors to a delightful vegan dish. This version swaps chicken for tofu, infusing it with the vibrant spices and lush textures that make the original so beloved, offering a comforting, indulgent meal that caters to a plant-based diet.

Begin by preparing the tofu. Opt for extra firm tofu for its ability to hold shape and absorb flavors. Press it well to remove excess moisture, then cut into cubes. Lightly frying the tofu pieces until golden gives them a pleasing texture and enhances their ability to meld with the sauce.

The sauce is the heart of this dish—rich, creamy, and brimming with spices. Start with onions, garlic, and ginger sautéed until fragrant, forming the aromatic base. Add tomatoes, either fresh or canned, for body and a touch of acidity, simmering them down into a velvety smoothness. The blend of garam masala, turmeric, cumin, and coriander infuses the sauce with deep, warm flavors, while a pinch of fenugreek leaves adds an authentic, slightly sweet undertone.

Finish the sauce with a generous pour of coconut milk or cashew cream, which adds the luxurious, creamy texture synonymous with butter chicken. The inclusion of a vegan butter alternative at this stage enriches the sauce further, mimicking the dish’s namesake ingredient without any animal products.

Combine the crispy tofu and the sauce, letting them simmer together so the tofu can soak up the delicious, spiced gravy. Serve this luscious Butter Tofu over steamed basmati rice or with a side of naan bread for a complete, satisfying meal. It’s perfect for a cozy night in, offering all the comfort and flavor of traditional Indian cuisine in a compassionate, vegan-friendly form.

Vegan Butter Tofu

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