Peach Potion Shake

This is possibly one of the best combinations of light but insanely nutritious ingredients out there. Created by my mother, the actual name is the Peach Potassium Potion, due to the naturally potassium-rich nature of peaches, but that’s a little confusing unless you already know what form it takes.

Potassium is one of several crucial minerals our bodies requires for great health and wellbeing. It functions as a “partner” if you will with sodium (salt) inside the body. The two are important, but an excess of one can create a deficiency in the other, and unfortunately in our modern diet, we often get far more sodium than what we need.

According to the RDA (recommended daily allowance) by the ______, most adults should aim for between _____ and _____ milligrams of potassium per day. It sounds like a lot, but on a plant-based diet it is easy to get that, as there are many great sources to be had.

Potassium has a number of benefits inside the body:

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While any type of plant-based milk can be used with this, we like soy milk because of the added protein boost it gives! Protein is also important, not just for the muscle-maintaining role it plays, but also for the synthesis of _____. While it will change the consistency a little bit, you could easily add a scoop of your favorite protein powder into this as well. If you modify in such a way, you may need to add a little extra liquid to it to get the shake to the right consistency.

The nutritional information is based off of the following brands of ingredients. You may encounter slight variations in the final content if you use different brands, but since these are pretty raw, simple ingredients, the end result should end up similar.

  • Peaches – 365 Organic Sliced Peaches – Frozen – Whole Foods
  • Soy Milk – 365 Organic Soy Milk – Unsweetened – Whole Foods

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