Berry Blend Protein Shake

Breakfast has always been a bit of a challenge for me, because I $()*@% love sleep.

I will sleep in as late as I can, unless I have something I’m super excited to get up and do. Which means that I typically go from sleep to doing whatever I need to do very quickly, leaving little time to eat.

I have, as we all have, survived on frozen, pre-packaged breakfasts. I’ve also done the drive-thru thing too. When I made the decision to alter my diet and go plant-based, that significantly narrowed my options.

I decided to develop the shake of all shakes, as quickly as I could. I looked at all the different things you could put in a shake, made a list to start with, and one day after another tweaked each amount until I found something that worked for me. Since then, I have, without fail, consumed this nearly every morning for over two years now.

In that time I have never grown tired of it. I have also benefitted tremendously from the quick and easy boost of all the good things it has in it. Antioxidants, fiber, complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, healthy fats, and so much more.

I lovingly call this my “Barney” shake, as the finished color of it is very close to his signature purple hue, a color I’m sure few to none of the dinosaurs that roamed the earth exhibited. 😂

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