A sourdough baguette combines the delightful crunch and airy texture of a classic French baguette with the tangy depth of sourdough, creating a loaf that’s both sophisticated and irresistibly flavorful. This vegan version captures all the rustic charm and artisanal craftsmanship of its traditional counterpart, making it a perfect addition to any bread lover’s baking repertoire.

Start with a lively sourdough starter, the soul of any sourdough bread. This natural leaven not only helps the dough rise without commercial yeast but also imparts a complex flavor that can’t be achieved any other way. Mix your starter with high-quality flour, water, and a pinch of salt, and you’re on your way to creating something truly special.

Kneading the dough might seem like a simple task, but it’s here that the magic begins. Developing the gluten through a series of stretches and folds allows the dough to achieve the necessary elasticity and structure. This technique ensures that your baguettes will have that characteristic open crumb and chewy texture that sourdough is famous for.

After shaping your loaves, allow them to undergo a slow, cool fermentation. This extended rise not only enhances the bread’s sour notes but also improves its digestibility and complexity of flavor. Score the loaves just before baking to encourage proper expansion and to create that beautiful, artisanal look with a golden, crackling crust.

Bake your sourdough baguettes in a hot oven with a tray of water below to generate steam. This crucial step helps develop a crust that’s both crispy and beautifully blistered, encapsulating the soft, tangy crumb inside.

A freshly baked sourdough baguette is a joy to eat, whether served as part of an elegant dinner, used to scoop up a hearty stew, or simply enjoyed with a swipe of vegan butter. It’s more than just bread; it’s a testament to the timeless art of sourdough baking, brought to life in your kitchen.


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