Vegan Holiday Recipes

Welcome to your ultimate resource for vegan holiday recipes! Whether you’re celebrating traditional holidays, seasonal changes, or culturally diverse festivities, our extensive collection of vegan recipes has something special for every occasion. From the frosty depths of winter to the vibrant blooms of spring, this page is designed not only to cater to the well-known holidays but also to introduce you to a world of celebrations throughout the year that might be new to you.

Our culinary journey spans the entire calendar, featuring dishes that honor both the spirit and the sustenance of holidays around the globe. Discover warming soups and hearty stews for the Winter Solstice, vibrant salads for the Spring Equinox, savory grilled vegetables for the Summer Solstice, and rich, comforting dishes for the Autumn Equinox. Each recipe is crafted to align with the themes of renewal, gratitude, remembrance, and celebration inherent in these times of the year.

Beyond the equinoxes and solstices, we delve into cultural festivals and significant days from various traditions, infusing them with a vegan twist. Celebrate Diwali with dairy-free sweets, enjoy a vegan feast for Thanksgiving, or explore the fresh tastes of Lunar New Year. This page serves as a hub for you to explore and return to, time and again, no matter the occasion. So whether you’re a seasoned vegan cook or just starting to explore plant-based cuisine, let these pages inspire your kitchen creations all year long!

Bookmark this page and keep it handy as your go-to guide for vegan holiday cooking. Our recipes ensure that every celebration can be marked with delicious dishes that are kind to the planet and all its inhabitants. Enjoy the feast!

New Year’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Mardi Gras

Chinese New Year

St. Patrick’s Day

Cinco de Mayo

Memorial Day

Summer Solstice

Independence Day

Labor Day






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