Vegan Fast Food

Fast food is just not good for you.

Sure, it’s tasty, but it’s just not good for you. It’s often fried in rancid oil that gets changed far too infrequently, it is salted into oblivion, it is made from ingredients of questionable quality, often full of preservatives. The list goes on…

But it is convenient, and sometimes when life gets crazy, it’s that or nothing.

All Things in Moderation

While fast food isn’t great for us, in moderation it’s probably something we can even out with good eating the rest of the time, and while plant-based options are still slim in the fast food world, the options are growing. Curiously enough, there are a lot of things out there that are what we often lovingly refer to as accidentally vegan; there was no intention for it to be vegan or marketed as such, but it just so happens to be.

Fast food, whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, or carnivorous is generally all of the same lower quality. It’s made from cheap ingredients, it’s usually packed full of sodium, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and prepared with or cooked in unhealthy oils that are often Even if something is marketed as vegan or vegetarian, it’s often cooked on or near the same equipment as non-vegan and non-vegetarian dishes. That’s something important to keep in mind if you’re eating plant-based for religious and / or medical reasons.

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