A common question I get is about what motivated me to go vegan.

My own decision to switch to a plant-based diet was brought on by a lot of reflection. For nearly two years, I successfully dodged COVID, only to come down with a mild case of it in June of 2022. Naturally, that gave me a lot of time to just sit around and do nothing. To pass the time, I filled it with plenty of YouTube and Netflix. Among the things I watched was a series on Netflix called “Down To Earth”, with Zac Efron and ______.

Though the series wasn’t about veganism, the theme of showcasing examples throughout the world of healthy, sustainable living brought into question a lot of my own decisions. While the pandemic was exactly that, a wide-spread event that was in many ways unavoidable, I wondered if perhaps there were things I could’ve been doing better in my own life to have avoided it longer. It got me think about health

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